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Motoshield Vehicles, a premier provider among armoring companies in UAE, dedicated to delivering top-tier armored vehicles UAE. With over two decades of expertise in the industry, we boast a legacy of excellence. Your one-stop solution for all armored needs from the armoring Industry.

Every vehicle in our defense line undergoes rigorous inspection to meet the highest standards before reaching our esteemed clientele. From armored cars, SUVs, sedans, to special and luxury vehicles, vans, and pickup trucks, we cater to a diverse range of needs. Our clients include VIPs, government officials, politicians, military and police personnel, border forces, as well as those involved in crowd control and civilians.

Motoshield Vehicles, a premier armoring companies in UAE. we take immense pride in our contributions to global safety and security. Our commitment to saving lives knows no bounds, and we are honored to serve individuals and organizations worldwide.






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Motoshield Vehicles is a Specialized manufacturer of Bespoke Quality Armored Vehicles headquartered in Dubai, UAE. We armor vehicles under the categories of SUVs, Sedan, Trucks, Buses, Specialized Vehicles, Luxury and Cash In Transits. We export our finished armored vehicles all over the world including the most hostile regions. We have our customer base which includes Police, Military, Peacekeeping forces, Border Patrols, Security Companies, Banks, NGOs, Embassies, Organizations and Individuals. We have a reputed name in the industry for Armored Vehicles Dubai, UAE.

Professional Engineers and Master Craftmanship work tirelessly to integrate armoring into the shell of the vehicles which results in complete armored structure that protects the vehicles from inner out. Both the pillars are mounted specially at their hinge mounting which are directly attached to the armoring structure. The doors are reinforced with the mounting points similar to the pillars, this way the added weight of the armored door is supported by the armored structure and avoid undue stress on the original body structure. Upgraded suspension and brakes are included in standard specifications with the protection of battery and the fuel tank.

Almost all the vehicles are armored to the level of B6 but we off a range of protection levels from B4 to B7 based on European CEN standards and we also provide protection according to other ballistic standards like NATO, STANAG, US NIJ or any standards which are required by our customer.

State of the Art manufacturing facility Motoshield Vehicles for Safe Transport uses only the finest craftsmen and other dedicated resources for each armoring vehicle/vehicle conversion. The team consists of all master craftsmen from all areas of vehicle construction. Motoshield Vehicles uses only the best armoring and ballistic materials when it comes to armoring of any vehicle including CAD-CAM engineered systems.